Trapper Knives

Zephyr Flesher

The one and only Zephyr Flesher! Another must have for trappers and taxidermists. The 8” long handle allows for heavy duty two handed work. The blade is sharpened on both sides. The radius corners prevent holes in your pelts as well as allowing removal of fatty tissue in those hard to reach areas.

Product ID: 240

Beaver Special

This knife has a long curved sharp edge to maximize every cut.

Product ID: 150


This knife incorporates a compact design with a long curved cutting edge which is ideal for both case and open skinned furbearers.

Product ID: 105


The Northerner, with an excellent upswept nose, is well suited for skinning many different furbearers, including raccoon and beaver.

Product ID: 135

Head Knife

Used often on fox and mink farms. This serrated cutting edge lasts a long time when working around bone and cartilage.

Product ID: 130

Squirrel Skinner

This 3 ½” blade with a small drop point makes this a good knife for skinning and filleting.

Product ID: 145

Curved Zee Flesher

A must have for trappers and taxidermists! The 3/16” thick blade is a heavy duty rigid design with a knife sharp edge on the convex side and purposely dulled edge on the concave side and is desired by many serious beaver and raccoon trappers. Also available are a 1/8” and 3/16” Straight Zee Flesher.

Product ID: 230

Beaver Large

A large upsweeping edge with a gentle drop point help capitalize on every sweep of the blade.  Slightly smaller versions, the Beaver Medium and Beaver Small, are also available.

Product ID: 164


A popular knife with the added feature of a slight drop point and a long lasting 3” skinning blade. The number one choice for muskrat and raccoon.

Product ID: 120


This fully ground drop point allows for maximum protection from piercing the hide in the slitting of case skinned animals.  Excellent for fox or any other long legged furbearers.

Product ID: 125


A sleek drop point combined with a gentle upward sloping blade. An excellent knife for dressing small game.

Product ID: 140


Carefully ground hide slitting hook, razor sharp rounded nose, make this invaluable as a versatile beaver skinning knife.

Product ID: 115


This knife combines all of our best features and has a proven design for beaver.  The blade is sharp all the way around the rounded end to maximize every stroke, it’s a must have for beaver trappers.

Product ID: 110


The compact 4” blade allows for easy carrying, and the curved handle and upswept blade makes this a very good all around knife for hunters and trappers alike.

Product ID: 300


This odd shaped knife allows the user to make long and accurate cuts to clean the pelt quickly, cleanly and with no holes.

Product ID: 170