Hunter Knives


The 5” blade has a ground back bevel for the chopping of bones. With a contoured handle and a razor sharp edge this is one of our most durable and attractive knives.

Product ID: 340 for 5″

Product ID: 342 for 6″

Product ID: 344 for 7″

Product ID: 346 for 10″

Product ID: 348 for 12″

Jack Rabbit

A rugged, stylish knife for all sportsmen. This knife folds up to less than 5” and can fit in your pocket.

Product ID: 320

Big Combo

The Big brother of the Combo. Has the hide slitting hook and razor sharp rounded nose, good for skinning any size of animal.

Product ID: 330


This unique design is an excellent sportsman’s knife, for its many features. The compact 4” blade allows for easy carrying, and the curved handle and upswept blade makes this a very good all around knife for hunters and trappers alike.

Product ID: 300


A very durable knife for many uses. The 4″ blade is carefully hand ground and shaped for years of unequalled service.

Product ID: 310