Zepf Knives Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

The handmade quality of exotic hardwood handles, two piece rivet fastening and a snug fitting leather sheath mean nothing without a quality blade. That’s why Zepf Custom Knives imports only the highest quality 420 blade steel from Solingen, Germany.

When vacuum heat treated, our 420 is the only stainless steel that obtains a level of hardness that will hold an edge without becoming brittle and at the same time can be resharpened by the end user.

All of our products start and finish with the most important ingredient, pride.

With over 50 years in the business, our designs, workmanship and materials make our knives the most practical and durable on the market today.


  • The world’s finest 420 stainless steel from Solingen, Germany.
  • All two piece male and female brass rivets.
  • High quality leather sheaths.
  • Handcrafted ground blades to ensure razor sharp edges and resharpening quality.
  • Durable Canadian and exotic hardwood handles.
  • Our pride and your satisfaction are the bottom line.
  • Guaranteed performance.

Zepf knives are designed for both appearance and versatility; to satisfy even the most demanding user our company is uncompromising in quality and practicality.  Our knives can be used for a lifetime, from everyday tasks to the most demanding ones.