Chef Knives

Big Chef

This 3″ tall and 10″ long blade is bigger than you think. Serious chefs will love the razor sharp edge, perfect balance and overall performance from Zepf’s Big Chef.

Product ID: 440

Little Chef

The little brother of Zepf’s Big Chef has all the same great qualities in a slightly smaller package.

Product ID: 400

Rounded Chef

Another one of our customer custom requests that’s made it into our regular inventory. This knife has a straight cutting edge with a rounded nose, well suited for any type of chopping action.

Product ID: 410 for 8″ x 2″

Product ID: 450 for 10″ x 3″

Euro Boning

The Euro Boning knife was custom designed with the help of a master butcher. The upswept blade gives a longer stroke, the drop point strengthens the tip and the knuckle grip handle provides stability even when your hands are greasy.

Product ID: 470


This 2″ tall and 12.5″ makes our Big Chef look small. This knife is for when you need to slice that perfect piece of roast beef or carve up that beautiful pig that’s been on the rotisserie all day.

Product ID: 460